“A Scandalous whore of a WordPress blog”


Hello and welcome to my WordPress writing blog. I’ve posted all my one-shots, competition entries, multi-shots and the ‘The Little Wolf’ series here.

I’ve published here: Amazon UK and Amazon US.

I learned my craft in the Gladiator school of fanfic, it was a steep learning curve, boy were they a tough crowd,  when my lovely editors, Linda and Minnie, took me in hand and beat my writing into shape, I improved as a writer.

My stories are 18+ which means they are full of big fat lemons (sex) violence and bad language, there’s no light and fluffy stuff here.

Happy reading, hope you enjoy my tales and a big hello to all my lovely e-mail subscribers!

Gorgeous header by:[info]pyromagnus,  the banners that are scattered about the site are mainly by Mavrosal, smittenskittens and fairy_blood.

Spam, spam, spam, spam!

Over the last week I’ve been hit by spammers, persistent little buggers. They have been hitting the archives really heavily, posting every day, three times a day, it’s starting to get rather creepy to be honest. I’ve closed comments on any posts over 28 days old, it’s sad that I have to do this, but necessary.

School’s out! (No it isn’t)

It’s been a hell of a year, one way or another, disastrous on one hand, wonderful in other ways, confusing as hell most of the time and down-right terrifying on occasions.

Ex-man and I are on civil terms at last, I no longer feel the need to hit him with a shovel, which probably means I’ve grown as a person or it could mean that I don’t care anymore.

The house is up for sale and I cannot wait to sell up and move on, the next place will be all mine, with my furniture and my stuff.

I’m used to being Me, myself and I, it took some doing but I’m getting there, I like being single and have many miles in my dancing shoes yet.

I’m writing again, which is lovely, and plan on publishing sometime this year, as if I didn’t have enough to do already.




A Blood Red Moon – Book trailer

I done gone and made a book trailer for A Blood Red Moon, it’s amazing what you can do with Windows Media Player and a couple of nights work, it’s my first attempt, be gentle, enjoy!

I am published, finally!

I pressed the button and published my book, go me, go, me!

You can find my author profile on GoodReads: GoodReads

My book is on Amazon US: A blood red moon

Amazon UK: A blood red moon

I’m fairly new to all this lark, so bare with me as I negotiate the whole self promotional thing.